Client is using IP6 - how to check for problematic code



I have a client how is using version 6 and is not enthusiastic about upgrading to version 8.  I have IP 8 and am writing some code to run some metrology tools and do analysis.


Question:  Is there a straightforward way for me to highlight code that won't compile in IP6?  I could the focus on rewriting it.  I would not like to have to do it on there machines.

Can I use the IP6.33 from the download page with my license key?



Hi Andy, I've hacked together this a long time ago. You could adapt it for IP7/8 as well and at least find unknown operations and functions.

I think doing development in a different Igor version from your client's version is asking for trouble.


If you have an valid IP 7 or 8 license, ask to send you an IP 6 key, we're glad to do it.

You can run Igor 6 and see if your code works.

Howard is right though, it is often preferable to have an Igor 6 version of software and an Igor 7+ version. The text encoding issue alone is reason enough. And the handling of Symbol font (Greek characters) is different enough to make two versions of the software preferable to trying to accommodate both IP 6 and IP 7+ in one code base.