Removal of Dispendencies

I am running Version: (Build 34722) under Windows 10 Pro OS


My current experiment has six polar plots (New Polar Graphs); they take a while to set up, so I have them saved as recreation windows. Each New Polar Graphs sets up 3 dependencies.  When I want to kill the waves used in these graphs I have to delete all 18 dependencies individually using the Object Status menu item. 


Is there another way that would allow me more easily, to kill these waves?

When the Polar Graph has been closed, you can delete the associated (derived) waves and their dependencies by calling WMKillPolarGraphDataFolder. Your polar data will be unaffected.


Function WMKillPolarGraphDataFolder(subfolderName)
    String subfolderName    // "PolarGraph0", for example, corresponding to root:Packages:WMPolarGraphs:PolarGraph0


I assume  WMKillPolarGraphDataFolder(subfolderName) is user function and that I would use killDataFolder

With all polar plots closed (but as said above, recreation windows retained) at the command prompt 

        killdataFolder root:Packages:WMPolarGraphs:PolarGraph0

generated error as in file attachment  delete snip 1 .png .

I also tried deleting from DataBrowser and a similar error as per delete snip 2.png

Just use the function provided by Jim. For example, call


to delete the folder of graph 7.

The function WMKillPolarGraphDataFolder() is part of the polar graph package which you have loaded in your experiment to create the polar graphs. So it is already available to you and you only need to execute the function in the command line with the graph title of your choice. There is no need to create any code or know the details of this function (you can have a look inside the PolarGraph package if you are curious, of course).

I didn't have a clue that it was already there!  Anyway, it does the job as decribes and removal allows killin waves previously linked to dependencies - thanks

Only problem now is that none of the recreation windows work!  So, unfortunately, not an answer to my query.  And I have to reconstruct 8 rather complicated Polar Plots!

So, is there a way to get the polar graphs back to where the were from an earlier copy of the experiment into the current version? There is a lot of work here :-(

If you want to keep the polar graphs viable, why are you killing the waves they depend on?

What is your goal?

I keep an "active" set of waves for 27 waves that I add to every month by concatenating an additional set with new monthly data.  When changes are made to the system for example I need to start a new active set.  
There are other ways I could have done this. 

Now i have learned the hard way i will know what not to do!