Request additional options to remove all trace instances

I have a trace that is added to a graph with multiple instances. I would like to remove all instances of the wave. When I might know in advance how many instances exist, I can iterate (likely *backwards*) on the instance numbers to remove them. In the case where the number of instances is unknown in advance, I end up with a  (cumbersome) do -- while loop.

To help in this case, I petition for equivalents to one (or both) of these additional (new) options.

* TraceNameList(winname,";",2^0 + 2^2 + 2^5) --> Bit 5 -- returns list including all instance names

* RemoveFromGraph/W=winname/ALL=2 tracename --> removes the specific trace and all its instances (expanding ALL=0 as just the trace, ALL=1 as all traces, and ALL=2 as just the trace and its instances)

Never mind. TraceNameList does return all instances. I had a mistake in my code in separating certain other wildcards. Specifically, when TraceNameList includes instance designations such as trace name = 'vl#1_frozen', the name is considered liberal and is single quoted as such. Using ListMatch(...,"*_frozen") does not find liberal string cases. The trick is by example in this code

tlist = TraceNameList(fgname,";",1+4)
currtnlist = ListMatch(tlist,"*_frozen")
currtnlist += ListMatch(tlist,"'*_frozen'")

I'll leave that RemoveFromGraph/ALL=2 tracename would still be a nice addition to avoid the need for for-loop configurations.