Edit a list of waves?

I would like to open a table with a set of waves in a list:

selWnames = {wave0;wave1;wave2;...waveN}

Is a loop of AppendToTable commands the only way? I was hoping to write just 1-2 lines, like:

selWnamesCommas = replaceString(";", selWnames, ",")

edit $selWnamesCommas

Maybe use Execute?

Execute "Edit "+RemoveEnding(selWnamesCommas ,",")

From where did you get selWavenames formatted like that?

I can't figure out what Igor syntax produces "selWnames = {wave0;wave1;wave2;...waveN}"

Here's an example of putting waves named "radius<something>" into a table:

Function demo()
    String list = WaveList("radius*", ",", "")
    String cleanedList = RemoveEnding(list, ",") // remove last ,
    Execute "Edit "+cleanedList