SQL Tutorial


I am working through the SQLXOP tutorial. I am using Mac 10.6.4 and I have downloaded MySQL driver 5.1 and ODBC Administrator from Apple.

In the tutorial help file it steps through making a connection via ODBC Administrator.

4. Click the Add button.
5. Choose the MySQL ODBC Driver and click OK. A new dialog, Connector/ODBC, is displayed.
6. In the Connector/ODBC dialog, in the Login tab, enter the following values exactly as shown here:
Data Source Name: IgorDemo1
Description: WaveMetrics Demo Database
Server: wavemetrics.com
User: DemoUser
Password: Demo
Database: Demo1
7. Click the Test button. You should get an alert saying that the connection was made. Click OK to dismiss the alert. If the test fails, carefully check all of the settings. Also make sure that port 3306 is open on your computer.
8. Click OK in the Connector/ODBC dialog to complete the DSN.
9. Click the Apply button to save the settings and quit ODBC Administrator.

In step 6 I only see the first two fields listed. Do I add the others as keyword pairs? Screen shots attached.

Also I have not found a test button.
odbc Admin 2.png odbc Admin.png
After step 5, when I choose the MySQL Driver and click OK, I get a dialog with 6 fields. See attachment.

This dialog is added by the MySQL Connector. You appear to be getting a generic dialog. Perhaps you should try re-intalling MySQL Connector It looks like the URL for downloading is http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/.

Choosing About ODBC Administrator from the Apple menu shows version 1.1.0. Clicking the About tab shows the information in the second attached screen dump.

I reinstalled the MYSQL connector (version 5.1.7) and double checked the version of ODBC Administrator (it is 1.10). With similar results.

In digging around the MySQL site, it appears that I am seeing the correct dialog. The manual may have been written for an earlier version of the connector.


1. Configure a Connector/ODBC DSN using parameters that match the server, database and authentication information that you have just configured on system ALPHA.

Parameter Value Comment
DSN remote_test A name to identify the connection.
SERVER ALPHA The address of the remote server.
DATABASE test The name of the default database.
USER myuser The user name configured for access to this database.
PASSWORD mypassword The password for myuser.

2. Using an ODBC-capable application, such as Microsoft Office, connect to the MySQL server using the DSN you have just created. If the connection fails, use tracing to examine the connection process. See Section, “Getting an ODBC Trace File”, for more information.

Using the values in the SQLXOP help file as parameter key/value pairs, the demo experiment works as expected. So maybe the documentation will need to be updated.
This is puzzling.

The manual may have been written for an earlier version of the connector.

That's possible. I am using ODBC connector 5.1.6. The current version if 5.1.7. The release notes for 5.1.7 do not mention any change to the dialog.

The ODBC documentation shows the barebones dialog that you are seeing.

I downloaded and installed the 5.1.7 ODBC connector for Macintosh and now I also get the barebones dialog. This is true even if I reinstall the 5.1.6 connector. I find this puzzling so I have posted a question to the MySQL forum about it.

For the historical record, I found the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.6-osx10.5-x86-32bit.dmg">5.1.6 installer here.