Igor memory limits?

Is there a way to increase the memory allocation to Igor? I am working with some rather large data and when running some routines am getting an "out of memory" error. I know Igor is 32-bit so its limited to 4GB (will this change in the future so I can use the full 16GB of my system?), but even so the "igorinfo" command shows "FREEMEM" as 2048MB.

I'm using OS X 10.8.2, and would prefer not to chop the data up if it can be avoided.
IgorInfo's FreeMem is obsolete and not meaningful in a virtual memory system.

In Igor Pro 6 on Macintosh, as you say, you get a 4 GB virtual address space. The actual amount of memory that you can actually use is not easily predicted and depends on the size of your waves and on memory fragmentation as a wave must fit in contiguous memory and free is not the same as contiguous.

In Igor Pro 6 the only way to increase VM is to run IGOR64 on Windows.

Igor Pro 7 will support 64-bits but that is a long way off - probably a year till a beta as a rough estimate.

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