WaveList with DFREF as parameter

It would be nice to have an additional WaveList command which takes a datafolder reference as parameter. Currently I have use it together with SetDataFolder to get the content of an arbitrary folder, which is kind of awkward.
This is a good suggestion. It is in our wish list.

In Igor Pro 6.30 or later you can use WaveRefIndexedDFR which returns a wave reference. For many applications you can use this in a loop instead of WaveList.

Here is an example:
Function Demo()
    NewDataFolder /O TempTestDataFolder
    DFREF dfr = :TempTestDataFolder
    Make/O dfr:wave0 = p, dfr:wave1=p+1, dfr:wave2=p+2
    Variable index
        Wave/Z w = WaveRefIndexedDFR(dfr, index)
        if (!WaveExists(w))
            break           // No more waves
        String name = NameOfWave(w)
        Print index, name
        index += 1

You can use StringMatch to select waves with a certain name pattern.