User interface for naming and storing a wave

A little modal dialog to ask the user where to store a wave. Copy the code into a new procedure window and execute the following:

make foo
#pragma rtGlobals=3
#pragma ModuleName=SaveWave
#pragma version = 1.21

static function/WAVE SaveWaveUI(wave w, [string basename, int overwrite])
    overwrite = ParamIsDefault(overwrite) ? 1 : overwrite // default is to allow user to overwrite a wave
    if (ParamIsDefault(basename))
        basename = NameOfWave(w)
        if (cmpstr(basename, "_free_") == 0)
            basename = "wave"
    DoWindow/K SaveWaveDialog
    variable left, top, right, bottom
    left = pixel2cpu(V_left) - 50
    top = pixel2cpu(V_top) - 50
    right = left + 220
    bottom = top + 150
    NewPanel/K=1/W=(left,top,right,bottom)/N=SaveWaveDialog as "Save Wave"
    SetVariable svName,pos={25,20},size={157,14},title="Wave Name", userdata(base) = basename
    SetVariable svName,value=_STR:UniqueName(basename, 1, 0), fsize=12, Proc=SaveWave#SaveWaveSetVars
    PopupMenu popFolder,pos={25,50},size={157,14},title="Data Folder", fsize=12
    PopupMenu popFolder,value=#"GetDataFolder(0)", userdata(folder)=GetDataFolder(1), Proc=SaveWave#SaveWavePopups
    Button btnCancel,pos={40,100},size={55,20},title="Cancel", Proc=SaveWave#SaveWaveButtons
    Button btnDoIt,pos={130,100},size={50,20},title="Do It", Proc=SaveWave#SaveWaveButtons, userdata=num2str(overwrite)
    PauseForUser SaveWaveDialog
    wave/Z/WAVE w_savewave
    if (WaveExists(w_savewave))
        wave/Z saved = w_savewave[0]
        string strPathToNewWave = GetWavesDataFolder(saved, 2)
        KillWaves/Z saved
        Duplicate/O w $strPathToNewWave /wave=saved
        KillWaves w_savewave
        return saved
    return $""

static function SaveWavePopups(STRUCT WMPopupAction &s) : PopupMenuControl
    if (s.eventCode != 3)
        return 0

    string strFolder = StringFromList(0, SelectFolder(s.popStr))
    if (strlen(strFolder))
        PopupMenu popFolder, win=$, userdata(folder)=strFolder
        PopupMenu popFolder, win=$, value=#"SaveWave#GetSelectedFolder(0)"

    return 0

static function SaveWaveButtons(STRUCT WMButtonAction &s) : ButtonControl

    if (s.eventcode != 2)
        return 0
    strswitch (s.ctrlName)
        case "btnDoIt":
            int overwrite = str2num(s.userdata)
            ControlInfo/W=$ svName
            if (!overwrite && exists(GetSelectedFolder(1)+PossiblyQuoteName(s_value)))
                DoAlert 0, s_value + " exists."
                return 0
            KillWaves/Z $GetSelectedFolder(1)+PossiblyQuoteName(s_value)
            wave/Z w = $GetSelectedFolder(1)+PossiblyQuoteName(s_value)
            if (WaveExists(w))
                DoAlert 0, s_value + " exists and is in use, cannot overwrite."
                return 0
            Make/O/N=0 $GetSelectedFolder(1)+PossiblyQuoteName(s_value) /wave=w
            Make/O/WAVE w_savewave = {w}
        case "btnCancel" : // Cancel or Do It
            DoWindow/K $
    return 0

static function SaveWaveSetVars(STRUCT WMSetVariableAction &s)
    if (s.eventCode < 0) // excludes Igor8 eventcodes -2 and -3
        return 0
    if (cmpstr(s.ctrlName, "svName") == 0)
    return 0

static function CheckNameSetvar()
    ControlInfo/W=SaveWaveDialog svName
    if (strlen(S_Value) == 0)
        S_Value = UniqueName(GetUserData("SaveWaveDialog", "svName", "base"), 1, 0)
        SetVariable svName win=SaveWaveDialog, value=_STR:S_Value
    if (exists(GetSelectedFolder(1) + S_Value))
        SetVariable svName win=SaveWaveDialog, valueBackColor=(0xFFFF,0,0)
        SetVariable svName win=SaveWaveDialog, valueBackColor=0

static function/T GetSelectedFolder(int fullpath)
    string strFolder = GetUserData("SaveWaveDialog", "popFolder", "folder")
    return SelectString(fullpath, ParseFilePath(0, strFolder, ":", 1, 0), strFolder)

static function/T SelectFolder(string selection)
    CreateBrowser/M Prompt="Select Data Folder"
    ModifyBrowser/M showWaves=0, showVars=0, showStrs=0
    ModifyBrowser/M ShowInfo=0, showPlot=0
    ModifyBrowser/M select=selection
    ModifyBrowser/M showModalBrowser
    if (V_Flag == 0)
        return "" // User cancelled
    return S_BrowserList

static function pixel2cpu(variable pixel, [string win])
    variable expansion = ParamIsDefault(win) ? 1 : PanelResolution(win)/PanelResolution("")
    return (ScreenResolution > 96 ? pixel * 72 / ScreenResolution : pixel) / expansion



I gave this a quick test and found that if the "Data Folder" popup menu is clicked, the Data Browser opens.  After selecting a folder and clicking "Ok", the browsers closes and immediately opens a second time.  Clicking "Ok" a second time the wave is saved in the selected directory.

This is with a couple of directories existing in the root directory.  IP9.03B01 on Win10.


Ah, I see.

The intention was to allow either mouse or keyboard input. In testing on mac it worked OK, except that I cannot use tab to cycle through the controls in the panel, so keyboard input doesn't work. In Windows, on the other hand, a mouse click produces both 'hovering' and 'control received keyboard focus' events, resulting in the double-modal-browser behaviour. I've fixed it by ignoring the 'control received keyboard focus' event.

I used a popup control because it provides a visual indication that it should be clicked to select. A button could also be used for the same purpose, it would look a bit like the built-in make waves dialog.

The WaveSelectorWidget and HierarchicalListWidget use a button with a downward-pointing trace marker as the menu indicator, like this: \\JR(no selection) \\W623. The \\W623 is the marker, and \\JR is for right-justification so the marker is at the right edge of the button.

To get the full tab navigation on a Mac, in the Keyboard settings, Shortcuts tab, turn on the All Control radio button under the Full keyboard access title near the bottom. At least on OS 10.14 :)

No more Doppel-browser - it opens only once now.

I was looking into creating the modal browser with the "New Data Folder" button intact (Because I would forget to create a new folder before invoking your function.), but that doesn't seem possible.  Or am I missing something?

I have updated the snippet with a new version that works with free waves. This means that you can provide the user with a free wave and the user saves a copy of the wave with a name/location of their choice in the current experiment. I couldn't find a simple way to allow the user to create a new data folder as part of the dialog.




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