Can we capture an image of the Data Browser window?

Do we have a way to capture an image of the Data Browser window? This works for panels

SavePICT/SNAP=1/O/WIN=$thegraphic/P=_PictGallery_/E=-5 as thegraphic

The next two lines do NOT work as I might have hoped.

SavePICT/SNAP=1/O/WIN=kwTopWin/P=_PictGallery_/E=-5 as "DataBrowser"

I am doing this to store additional information in a Notebook (I am updating my Logbook package).

--> Igor Pro 7

The Data Browser is not a target window, so SavePICT won't work. I think you'll need to rely on external tools that can create screen shots for that.

The option to capture a picture of the state of the data browser using SavePICT will provide an elegant, uncomplicated way to record a status snapshot of the data that is stored during the progress of an experiment.

Consider this a feature request to have the Data Browser a) have a defined window name (e.g. DataBrowser) and/or b) be recognized as kwTopWin to allow the use of SavePICT/WIN=DataBrowser or equivalent.

Sorry, but the architecture of the Data Browser is that it is a dialog, not a target window. This is the same as the Help Browser, Procedure Browser, Window Browser, Pictures dialog, some of the Image Processing dialogs, etc. That's not likely to change.

If you're on Macintosh, you might be able to use ExecuteScriptText to get the OS to capture the window. See… for a command (untested) that might get you started.


I will instead consider tackling what I want using DataFolderDir or an equivalent. It is not a "pretty", but it will give the required information.