Easier skipping of loading errors?

Sometimes I get files from colleagues which have some custom procedure files included. This summons, in the worst case, multiple error messages upon loading, where I need to reject the path and the custom files. Is there a way to automatically skip any missing paths and files (unless the experiment file cannot without them, of course)?

Also, when working with an older version of Igor some of the newer graph features produce Macro Execute errors. I then delete the line inside the error message and press Retry. However, this can go on and on. Is there a quicker way to do it? Of course, this will be no help for older versions, but maybe something like a Delete Line and Retry button would be nice to have in the future.

Some magic key being pressed during experiment loading could ignore errors or?

I think there is already the option to suppress XOP loading on igor startup via some key combination I've forgotten. So one could piggy-back on this idea.

Yes, that would be nice. Or maybe have a misc. setting for ignoring such errors. To avoid having unsuspecting users create such files in the first place, a warning message could be added along the lines of the long-wave-names message (with the possibility to disable it, of course) if there are user specific paths and procedure files loaded from places other than the common ones (User Procedures and Igor Procedures folders). If there is already a keyboard shortcut of some sorts that would be great.