Difference between Function/S & Function/T ?

Does anyone know of any difference between calling Function/S and Function/T?

I absent mindedly used the latter for a string function without issue. I don't even recall if Function/T was ever correct syntax within Igor and it is not a documented flag. I have hazy memories of Igor 4 perhaps - though I could equally be conflating two different languages entirely.


/T is an obsolete syntax that means exactly the same thing as /S.

We just decided that /T = "text" wasn't as clear as /S = "string".

/T is still accepted for the few people that used it.

If you see Function/T in the documentation for Igor 8 or 9 anywhere, please let us know so we can update it.

That's for letting me know Jim. I got an unnerving feeling when I typed it out of some long forgotten habit.

Perhaps it could be added to the docs like the /D flag is as that is the first place I looked to find my sanity.

I won't worry when I'm updating old code that there is some subtle difference between /S and /T now at least.