Shortcut for preferred position

After these days of pandemics, many people are now obliged to or love to work in home, office, and anywhere else. The display/monitor environments are quite different among these situations. Before expecting to have Igor 10 that will handle display/monitor control better than Igo 9, I would like to say that the "move to preferred position" is the great function that enables to find a window that is lost when an Igor file is opened in different monitor environments.

However, I have two concerns with this:

(1) A shortcut without the necessity for clicking on the lost and invisible window you are looking for is desired.

Yes, it is written that "Press Alt and click the maximize button" is the shortcut list. Please imagine that the window that you are looking for is lost or invisible between the monitors. It is not at all practical to click "the maximize button" on a lost/invisible window that you are looking for. This kind of shortcut should not require clicking on the window as it is lost from the screen.

(2) And, yet, "Press Alt and click the maximize button", described in Help does not do the same thing as "Windows>Control>Move to Preferred Position". Instead, it does the same thing as "To move a window to its full-size position: Press Shift+Alt and click the maximize button." Please check this issue as it might be simply a bug.












OS:Windows 10 Pro





Igor Pro Serial number: 67052

Default Igor graphics technology: 3

Screen Resolution: 84

Screen scale factor: 2

Graphics Rendering: Intel(R) HD Graphics 615

Qt version (runtime): 5.12.11

Qt version (compiled): 5.12.11



You might be better off using the Windows->Control->Retrieve all Windows menu item (or the button in the toolbar, which is the one just to the left of the gear icon).