Write same note to multiple waves

It would be nice if there was a way to write the same note to multiple waves in one line, either by explicitly listing the names or passing a string list of names, rather than having to write the note to each wave individually.  I am often filtering waves by certain parameters, and I use the notes as a handy way to keep track of the filter criteria.  For example, I might extract data where the RMS is below a certain threshold, and I then write that value to the note for all the waves filtered that way. I can sometimes put the filtering and note writing into a loop, but other times this isn't possible, and I have to hardcode it.  For large numbers of waves, having to repeat the "Note wavename, notestring" command is rather tedious.  I'm not sure if and how a multiple wave note command would work with the current syntax. If the wave names are required, then maybe something like the current Sort syntax, where the sortkey is either a wave name or a bracketed list of wave names would work?


One fast wave to do this is through wave browser.  Highlight all the waves you would like to have the same note.  The press "Execute Cmd" button. This allows you to run the same command over all the highlighted waves.  In the field enter:

Note %s "the note string, yada yada yada.." and hit ok.  the term %s is a placeholder for the wave name and it will cycle through all the waves and attache the same note.

Bam! you are done.



Hi Andy

That's a nice tip! However, I'm looking for a way to do this programmatically, so the Data Browser method isn't a complete fix.

function SetWaveRefWaveNotes(wave /wave wrefs, string strNote)
    int i
    for (i=numpnts(wrefs)-1;i>=0;i--)
        note wrefs[i], strNote

usage example

SetWaveRefWaveNotes({w1,w2,w3}, "test")

you could do the same thing with a list of wavenames if you prefer.

function SetWaveListWaveNotes(string listofwaves, string strNote)
    int i
    for (i=itemsinlist(listofwaves)-1;i>=0;i--)
        note $stringfromlist(i, listofwaves), strNote
SetWaveListWaveNotes("w1;w2;w3;", "test2")


Here is a version using a wave reference wave instead of a for loop

Function MyFunction()
//  Test function

    //  Creates a bunch of dummy waves
    DFREF MyFolder=root:
    Make/O/N=10 MyFolder:Wave1, MyFolder:Wave2, MyFolder:Wave3, MyFolder:Wave4, MyFolder:Wave5, MyFolder:Wave6

    //  Counts the number of waves in the MyFolder
    Variable n=CountObjectsDFR(MyFolder, 1)

    //  Creates a list of all waves in the folder
    Make/FREE/O/WAVE/N=(n) AllWaves=WaveRefIndexedDFR(MyFolder, p)
    //  Adds the note "1234" too all waves in the list
    MultiThread AllWaves[]=AddWaveNote("1234", AllWaves[p])

ThreadSafe Function/WAVE AddWaveNote(MyNote, MyWave)
//  Adds MyNote to MyWave
String MyNote
Wave MyWave

    //  Adds the note to the wave
    Note/K MyWave, MyNote

    //  Returns the wave. This is needed because of how the mulithreading is done
    Return MyWave